A professional golfer, a man of great experience, an active member of the community, a loving father to his family who established his path and direction for career development in the early days being a golfer, he turned professional in golf that led him to be part of Jack Nicklaus industries as Senior Executive Manager and Golden Bear Global Company.

The career path towards success was indeed good to him, he assumed key position as President of Kruse Energy and Equipment, and was also responsible for the acquisition of USD 650,000000.00 golf courses to this date is still operational.

The La Quinta Hotel Corporation property acquisition marked and forged a property deal together with Consolidated Petroleum, Farris Corporation and multi million dollar companies engaged in energy production, likewise with the auctions of Kruse Energy Equipment where he also served as General Manager and CEO (KEEA one of the largest O&G Auctioneers Globally.

He achieved academic excellence and mastery in and now he is one of the lecturer of Wharton Business School in Oklahoma, a clear manifestation of his exceptional skills and talents in many field of endeavor,


The fruit of his success is also touching the lives of the needy since he is extending assistance to charity particularly Wounded Warrior Charity and the many covert act of kindness, donations and support that he chose not be known or need no publicities and from there he finds joy and contentment in helping many sector of the society from students to senior folks, truly a great man
with a soft heart in helping others.